Best Omega Juicers

Well, electric juicer or blender is something which is really a necessary appliance for our kitchens. It is not just easy to be used, but they are also an important part of every kitchen. The reason is that it is not just connected to making juices or smoothies, but indirectly it is related to our health as well. And for this purpose, we need Best Omega Juicer. As this is the company which are not just here to make a profit, but they also care about the health of their customers as well, and no doubt they are really good at their job.

And that is why this is among the Top rated Juicer manufacturing companies with the highest rated products. Omega has the record of manufacturing products which are most popular in the whole United States of America. There are thousands or may be even more recipes for making juices and smoothies, it is all up to you which new recipe you are going to discover. And that could only happen if you are going to purchase one of these great blenders for yourself. After that just add up yoghurt then a new fruit or vegetable in the blender to make a creamy and soft smoothie for a healthy start of your day.Best Omega Juicers

Smoothies are not just healthy but there are some smoothies which also help out to decrease the weight. The reason that why these juicers are being mostly preferred instead of another ethos for getting juice, because these blenders will not just extract the juice, but instead they also have the ability to extract each and every mineral from that fruit which is necessary for your body. And as for the Best Omega Juicers, below you will find out all the amazing features of these juicers.

Best Omega J8006 Juicer

This Best Omega Juicer is grinder type of juicer. All of us would surely love fast processing regarding everything in our lives, but there is some stuff which needs slow processing. Same is the case with this juicer, that it is not like those fast juicers, which would get you juice for the whole family in just some seconds. Rather this juicer processes the fruits slowly with 80 rotations per minute. Well, the logic behind this slow processing is that when the motor is at high speed it emits heat which breaks the enzymes and all the nutrients get wasted. But in Omega J8006 less heat is emitted due to slow rotation, and all the enzymes stay safe. And due to this, you can even store that juice in the refrigerator, and it will stay fresh even for next 72 hours. Well as for the power it is the most powerful motor which any juicer can ever experience, and that is 2 horsepower. Plus it also uses the dual stage juice processing, which means that not even a single drop of juice would be left behind and wasted. Read full Omega J8006 Blender Review here.

Best Omega J8004 Blender

If you are looking for the Best Omega Juicer then no doubt Omega J8004 could be your right choice. Like Omega J8006 this one is also low processing speed juicer. As you would not want to waste any of the minerals in the fresh juice. While as for the other juicers the juice would just remain fresh for next few hours, as their enzymes are already damaged with an excess of heat by the motor. While in this case enzymes are still fine, and they can help the juice to remain fresh, especially when you are travelling or going out on a picnic. Then this juicer would be the option that you could have. The plastic which is being used in its manufacturing is known as GE Ultem Auger, and this plastic is 8 times stronger than the ordinary one. And not just juice, you can also get the thick sauce or butter by the nuts, due to its powerful 2 horsepower motor. It may be slow but it is no less in power, and that is why it can crush even the hardest parts of the fruits or vegetables. Plus it can crush ice, beans and many different nuts. Read full Omega J8004 Juicer Review here.

Best Omega VRT350

As for the Best Omega Juicer, this one is also on the list. This is one juicer manufactured by Omega that has the elegant and sleek design, with highly efficient processing. Same as the other Omega Juicers, this one also works on the low rotation of about 80 rotations per minute. And no doubt, reason is just to keep the juice or smoothie fresh and safe for a longer time period. This juicer works on dual processing, as for the first stage the major part of the juice is extracted and the hard part of the fruit is crushed. Then for next stage, all the remaining juice drops are extracted so that there is no juice left behind. This juicer has really simple processing unit, and it can be easily assembled. Even the design of this juicer also has some reason to extract the major amount of juice easily from the fruits or vegetables. Plus it also comes with a pusher to push the fruits on the grinding plate. After that pulp goes into the container, and juice is separated in another container which is attached to it. Even you need not to open it again and for the cleaning, just pour the water in the chute, and it will be cleaned itself. Read full Omega VRT350 Review here.

Omega NC900HDC Juicer

AS for the juicers, many companies provide different offers to sell their products, but in the case of Best Omega Juicer, they do not require any introduction. Omega NC900HDC is also like some ordinary juicer, but there are some of its features which make it different from all others. In this juicer, all you need to do is to push the ingredients into the chamber with the help of the pusher. And then it will pass from two different blades for crushing and squeezing for every single drop of juice. This juicer also comes with five different speed levels for different kind of juices. Like level 1 is for the soft juices like mango or citrus fruits, while level 5 is for the tough fruits or vegetables. Now you can continuously make juice, without taking any breaks in between and clean the pulp from the machine because the pulp would automatically be sent to the waste chamber. And with such an incredible juicer you also get a guide for all the necessary information, and some of the juice recipes as well. Now you can enjoy a new recipe every day. This is an all in one juicer which you must have in your kitchen. Read full Omega NC900HDC Review here.

Omega VSJ843RS Blender

This is the Latest and Best Omega Juicer yet, with a lot of incredible features. This is one of the slowest processing unit ever produced by Omega, as its blade rotates on 43 rotations per minute. This speed is for sure less and will consume much time of yours. But no doubt this time will not be wasted once you find out the reason behind this. The slowest processing means more and dense juice, and after this just dry pulp is left behind. If you are thinking to purchase this Omega VSJ843RS juicer, then for sure you are going to get a healthy and delicious glass of juice every morning. And with this glass, you will get all the energy to perform well in your office. As this is the latest product by Omega, so it was obvious that there would be something unique in it as well. And that unique feature is the Auto Cleaning system. After you are done with the juicing, this system will automatically clean the maximum of the juice from inside. With the purchase of this Omega VSJ843RS juicer, you are surely going to step in a healthy lifestyle with all the amazing juice recipes proceed to you in the guide book. Read full Omega VSJ843RS Review here.