Breville BJE510XL Review

Breville BJE510XL ReviewAccording to Breville BJE510XL Review, this is the Best Breville Blender, due to its multiple speed buttons. And the most amazing thing about this is that this blender works in a very efficient manner. One of the most amazing thing about this blender is that it has the ability to extract even the last drop of juice from the fruits and vegetables, and all that is left behind is just the pulp. No doubt that fruits are rich in juice, but the only reason why their juices are so much preferred is that they have so much nutrition inside them. And just to extract the juice is not enough, but all the necessary minerals should also be present in that juice. And all this is possible due to the increased power of the cutting disc. Plus the heat which is generated by so less that it does not affect at all on the juice or smoothie, and that is why the taste and minerals remain safe.

Features of Breville BJE510XL

These Best Juicers uses a 900 watts of the motor which is just perfect for this type of blending system. As it is discussed above in the Breville BJE510XL Review that this blender comes with multiple speeds, so for the soft fruits the maximum speed is just 6,500 rotation per minutes, while for the hard fruits and vegetables it is 12,500 rotations per min of the blade. Well, there is another feature inside it, which is a small sensor, and it works with the load by sensing it. And after that speed is adjusted according to that. There is also a divider in the pitcher, as for many people does not like pulp with the juice. So that is why here pulp and juice is separated from each other.


The blades are made of titanium, and unlike the steel blades, these ones are stronger and do not require much of the cleaning. Plus these blades remain sharp for a very long time period. You can easily 1.2 litres of juice in the pitcher, and except the storage for pulp is separate where all the seeds and pulp are gathered. This is the best example of the modern technology, as it comes up with another of the marvellous feature which is known as safety locking arm. In this feature, the blender will not start up unless the jug is covered completely with the lid. And if the blender gets heats up, then instead of burning up something inside it, the blender just stops working. You can easily understand all these features by the Manual given.

Disadvantages of Breville BJE510XL Review

The only problem is the customer service, which is not available, and customers just remain upset about any damage. And if you want the replacement or repair, then you have to send this product back to the company, instead of any of their representative visits you. There is another of the Breville BJE510XL Review that states that motor has burned up on several occasions, which means that sensors are not working accurately.